The Parish of St Andrew & St Mark, Surbiton

We are one parish with the good fortune of having two churches in Surbiton with their own histories and styles.

You may have come to this site for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you're looking for the postcode of the church to input into your Sat-Nav, so that you can attend a wedding; perhaps you're thinking of a place to hire for your child's birthday; perhaps you're looking for somewhere to worship on a Sunday morning.

My hope is that you'll find a welcome for whatever reason you come to this church. 5,000 people attend the churches each year for an act of worship; 9,000 more people use our church buildings for anything from ballet classes to casting their vote at the General Election.

Our churches stand at the heart of the community and are used at some point each year by one in five Surbiton residents, as well as a host of outsiders. It's great to have all sorts of events happening with us, but always, for us, to have God at the centre of life in the end. What happens more often than anything else is prayer and worship. May that continue to flourish.

Rev'd Robert Stanier

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Calendar of Upcoming Events and Services

4 October 2015

Did you know?

Friday 2nd October was the 75th anniversary of the day St Mark’s Church was bombed in 1940. The 55th anniversary of its reconsecration after being rebuilt in 1960 was on 29th September. Great to look at the church now and see what has been achieved since that bomb. Resurrection from ashes.

Emmaus Course

The next module of the Emmaus course, ‘Life, Death and Christian Hope’ will start on Monday 12th October in St Mark’s Church, room 2 at 7.30pm and will last for three weeks. New participants are always welcome.

St Andrew's and St Mark's PCC is a registered charity under registration number 1130093.

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