The Parish of St Andrew & St Mark, Surbiton
Parish Diary: Festivals

The Christian year sees a rhythm of Feast and Fast

Church Festivals

Christian festivals are times of celebration in worship and joy. We decorate the church for special days and allow music and word to allow us to enter into the meaning of the season. At times we also throw a party!

Important forthcoming dates:

St Swithin's Day: Sunday 15 July
Saint Swithin was a Saxon bishop. He was born in the kingdom of Wessex and educated in its capital, Winchester. He was famous for charitable gifts and building churches. His emblems are rain drops and apples.

St Mary Magdalene: Sunday 22 July
When Jesus is crucified by the Romans, Mary Magdalene was there supporting him in his final terrifying moments and mourning his death. She also discovers the empty tomb, and she's a witness to the resurrection. She was there at the beginning of a movement that was going to transform the West.